What are metafields?

Metafields enable you to customize the functionality and appearance of your Shopify store by letting you save specialized information that isn’t usually captured in the Shopify admin. You can use Metafields for internal tracking, or to display specialized information on your online store in a variety of ways. For example, a candle seller might want to display a burn time for candles on their product pages, while a grocery store might want to display a product expiration date for canned goods. For more information please visit Shopify Metafields

How can I create metafields definition in my store?

You can create it through Settings>Metafields>Products>Add definition. The content type you can choose according to your needs. For more information please visit Metafield Definition

What does this app do?

Mabbonz – Bulk Metafields App gives functionality to upload the product metafields through easy excel (CSV format) in bulk. This app uses the SKU of the products to upload metafields in Shopify.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide email support. Our support email ID is easybulkmetafields@gmail.com

Do you manage this app for my store?

Yes, we can manage. It depends upon the number of products your store has.

Will this app affect my store speed?

No, it will not affect your store’s speed as work is done through the app’s server and the app doesn’t install any files in your store.

Sample of CSV file for the app

Screencast of App Functionality