Writeup of app functionality

Making of CSV

Our App uses a very simple CSV file to upload Metafields. The first column will be SKU, others will be meta fields columns. You can upload as many as Metafields your store have through the CSV and App. You can upload all Metafields through one CSV file or you can make different CSV files for different Metafields.

Operations (Functionality) of App

From your store’s Apps section select the Easy Bulk Metafields app, then you will see the upload window, where you can upload your CSV files. Select Add File, then select the CSV you want to upload from your local storage. Then you can select the vendor if you are uploading for a particular vendor else you can leave it blank if you are uploading mixed vendor products..

Then click next (Moving to next page)

On the left side is the heading of your uploaded CSV. The middle is the Product Metafields defined in your store. And the right side is for the unit selection. Now match the CSV header with the right metafields using the dropdown. SKU with SKU. Metafields with Metafields definition of your store. For measurement and Color, you will see the units dropdown. So select appropriate unit for your metafields. For color, If your CSV has hex values then you have to select the hex value else if your CSV has color names then select color names. For measurement, we have to select the unit in which your products are defined. You have to take care of one thing if you have defined the minimum and maximum value in the product metafield definition, then here also select the same units which your product metafield definition has otherwise you can select any.

Now click on finish (Work Done)

Here your work is done, now the app will do the rest of the job. You can see in the log section, that your feed is running. Once the feed is done and it will indicate green means your feed is successful and the app put all the metafield values corresponding to the SKUs. Red means, the feed is not successful and the reason you can see while clicking it. In this way, you can Bulk update the product metafields in your store. The method is very convenient, simple, and easy.

Metafield Content types app accepts


1. Date (One Value)
2. Date and time (One Value)


1. Weight (One Value & List of Values)
2. Volume (One Value & List of Values)
3. Dimension (One Value & List of Values)


1. Integer (One Value & List of Values)
2. Decimal (One Value & List of Values)


1. Product (One Product)


1. Single line text (One Value & List of Values)
2. Multi-line text


1. Color (One Value & List of Values)
3. Rating (One Value)
4. True or false
5. URL (One Value)

Screencast of App Functionality

Sample of CSV file for the app